“Thank you; I’ll take that into consideration”

I know that when my “sister” is trying to give me relationship and financial advice it is coming from a good place in her heart, but I am beyond annoyed considering her relationship is well…not one that I aspire to have; nor is her financial situation better than mine - in fact, I don’t have a financial “situation” - it’s good, I have excellent credit, I am just considering buying a second property.  

I am happy in my relationship, I am happy with the current financial situation, however, thank you, I’ll take that into consideration - aka smile and ignore everything you just said to me.


Not a vegetarian

Well after 18 years of being a vegetarian I ate a bite of chicken. Meh, it’s kind of gross.
My stomach hurts now. Eww

What’s up doc?

bluebuzz replied to your post: TGIF. Commute home.
“Howdy stranger”

TGIF. Commute home.

TGIF. Commute home.

Talking to you is the highlight of my day. It’s what I look forward to.

futurelotterywinner said:Stranger

I know, I know - work, long distance relationship, car accident, life’s little roller coaster, yada, yada, yada :)

Miss you, love you, mean it :) 

Good night

Good night

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